The C.P. Company Flagship Store is located close to the heart of Carnaby Street's thriving shopping district in London. The store on Marshall Street opened in 2013, and like the spirit of C.P. Company, is known for its significant past as well as its innovative present.

The shop has been designed in the iconic town houses that establish the Newburgh Quarter, found in the East Side of Carnaby. The black painted store front and surrounding cobbled street create an atmosphere reminiscent of 1820's London.

Developed across two levels to showcase the latest collections, a selection of Goggle head wear lay in discrete glass cabinets built into an exposed brick alcove. Product is displayed in bespoke wooden cupboards that relate to the collections' themes. White walls highlight imagery from seasonal campaigns and a large light box installation is located near to the front of house.

Leading down the Victorian staircase and into the skylit room, ample natural light highlights the details of each garment and provides an atmosphere of serenity in which key pieces are on display.


Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 18:00.酷咪直播app


The welfare of our customers and employees is of paramount importance to us. C.P. Company is following government guidance, as well as industry best practice, in maintaining health & safety and social distancing procedures within the store. This will ensure a safe environment for you and our staff.

Thank you for adhering to the following measures:


Please observe social distancing measures by staying 2 metres from others both in queues and inside the store.

We’ve limited the number of visitors to this store at any one time to maintain social distancing.

Customers accompanied by children are responsible for them at all times, and should follow social distancing guidelines.


Hand sanitiser is available for you to use.

Our staff are equipped with PPE.

A dedicated cleaning program has been introduced to maintain sanitation of key points throughout the store.


Our staff are on hand to assist and advise you however services that would not guarantee compliance with the government guidance are currently suspended.

Customers are encouraged to pay by card.

Please ask one of our staff for further information or assistance.

C.P. Company
34 Marshall Street

T: 020 7494 1983



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